I walked into a Prada store a few years ago and I was certain I had enough money to buy whatever I pointed at. Everyone & everything around welcomed me like I could. When I got to hear the prices, I walked out with nothing.

I wanna be that Prada store that was nice even to someone like me, to tell me the price.

— Fregene Gbubemi


Private Chef and Knorr Taste Quest Judge, Gbubemi Fregene’s passion was to merge creativity fresh and unbridled with elements of the budding youth culture and the world class training he received at Le Cordon Bleu in order to make every meal a truly unique culinary experience.

On his return to Nigeria, the Chef Fregz brand was birthed out of a need for the young chef to communicate and connect with the upwardly mobile crowd which he has serviced hitherto.

The brand started off as DVARD which was a grilling BBQ and finger only brand. They slowly ventured into doing food for people but kept it low at 20 people maximum. It progressed to them being able to cater for larger crowds, but not more than 50 people. They also started to specialize in bespoke private dinners.

As of now Chef Fregz has grown to the point where they have their space and product lines like their canapés, private dinners, catering and consultation work.


Logo Sketch

The Challenge

Chef Fregz’ mission was to create a shift in the natural perception of how food is made, presented and appreciated.

We were tasked with creating a brand that went beyond him to encompass more than just a name, but a dream, an identity.


Brand colors


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Stay longing.



The brand’s visual storytelling is evocative, real, and clear, and the voice captures chef fregz devotion to creating a luxury culinary experience every single time. Positioned as that luxury store that you walk into where your tastes are appreciated before your wallet bulge is judged, food mavens that give you the very best that the world of culinary arts has to offer, a brand that stands for you and willing to give their all to their client’s culinary needs from the moment you walk through their doors.

Chef Fregz Brand Implementation - Chef Fregz Scented Candle.
Chef Fregz Brand Implementation - Napkins
Chef Fregz Brand Implementation - Meal Title Card
Chef Emeka & Chef Fregz - Abuja Popup
Chef Fregz Brand Implementation - Aprons
Chef Fregz at Work
The Chef Fregz Team
The Chef Fregz Team at Work
The Chef Fregz Team at Work

We are Chef Fregz.